“A wonderful book”

Stuart Jefferies, The Guardian

“Jenny’s travels and those of Thomas are woven together as beautifully as any fine bit of indigo – it’s a cracking tale!”

Kevin Rushby, The Guardian

“Travelogue, memoir, detective story, love story – her book is partly each of these and wholly compelling… Balfour Paul makes him [Machell] live on the page.”

Michael Kerr, The Telegraph

“A deeply moving, totally enchanting account of a great metaphysical mystery … One of the most remarkable books I have ever read”

AN Wilson

“It takes guts to travel alone around India or for example, set out on the last cargo ship from the UK to India ever to accept passengers or fly with the most dangerous airline in East Timor”

Hannah Finch, Western Morning News

“Calcutta: Such nuggets from history made up writer Jenny Balfour-Paul’s hour-long Bengal Club Library Talk, organised in association with The Telegraph, on November 8.”

The Telegraph India

“I am a great reader of travelogues, enjoy a lot of biographies and am always willing to read an historical investigation. This book managed to tick all those boxes as well as those of personal odyssey and quickly love story so I was fairly certain I was onto a winner … The book weaves Thomas’s own descriptions and journals with jenny’s own writing so much so that it is almost co-authored. Thomas is rescued from obscurity and given back his voice in a way which is frequently quite moving. Life in India at the time of the Raj is re-created, as is the atmosphere of a Victorian vicarage and the ghosts of an abandoned mansion.

I read the book quite slowly but never wanted to put it aside and was pulled into Jenny’s pilgrimage to find Thomas in the mists of the past”


Rebecca Kershaw, Nudge Books 

“Talking to local writer, artist, traveller, lecturer and indigo expert Jenny Balfour Paul is like opening up a history book full of a lifetime of memories, evocative language and mesmerising images”

Alexandra Hurley, Devon Life

“In this tour de force, Balfour Paul interweaves her own travels and adventures in search of Machell into the story, bringing her subject back to life as she identifies ever more closely with him. “

Caroline Stone, Aramco World

“The author’s alliance with Thomas is an amazing and magical thing — this book must at all costs be read, because the author’s voice — her passion and her mission — is utterly captivating.”

Gillon Aitken of Aitken Alexander Associates

“Balfour Paul writes with the poetic grasp of Herrick and the narrative authority of Theroux.”

Nick Smith for the Explorers Journal

“…a curiously compelling book”

Sarah Wheeler, The Spectator

The ‘exotic’ Deeper than Indigo selected by novelist Patrick Gale as one of The Best Summer Reads.

The Independent

“Truly an outstanding read – #booksof2015”

The Last Word Review

“There is no contest for my stand-out read of the year. It has to be Jenny Balfour-Paul’s incredible account of her global journey in the forgotten footsteps of explorer Thomas Machell…. Balfour-Paul explores the porosity of time and space in her narrative…. An inspirational read that speaks of all that is intangible in the world.”

Hannah Finch, Western Morning News

Deeper than Indigo is a symphony of a book. It is a work that vividly evokes a time now lost, and yet clears a window to show how the past is always directing the present. In its investigations it has gone further than most dare go. It has plumbed strange depths that are indeed, deeper than indigo.”

Tim McLaughlin,

“…a valuable addition to our understanding of a time marked by intellectual questioning”

James Attlee, The Independent

“…there are coincidences in this beautifully written, cleverly structured book which seem to crack open the very nature of life itself”

Victoria Finlay, The Independent

“…a strikingly original book, full of fact and feeling.”

Mick Herron, Geographical

“…sure to leave a lasting impression on the reader. A complex and painstakingly researched story.”

The Lady

“The book evolves into a conversation between herself and her subject, with Machell beginning to write parts of it himself, so that she confesses: “Now I no longer know who is writing this book.” Unorthodox? Certainly, but no less entertaining for that.”

Helena Attlee, Country Life.

“Go and read @jennyindigo1 ‘s amazing #DeeperThanIndigo, a journey which takes you to extraordinary and increasingly metaphysical realms…”  

Playwright, Ben Musgrave   ‏@BenMusgrave1

“finished #DeeperThanIndigo by @jennyindigo1 – a horizon-expanding historical quest filled with nuggets of gold”

Alison Mercer

“…this intriguingly complex book…where the relationship between author and subject takes over from straight- forward biography.”

Chloe Colchester, The Oldie

“Jenny Balfour Paul […] winds a skein that takes in the distant past, distant countries and familiar places…”

Book review by Steve Matthews of Bookends. Also published in the Cumberland News and in Workington Times and Star

The intriguing Indigo story. Jenny Balfour-Paul on the history of the natural blue dye, and how her story interweaves with that of adventurer Thomas Machell.